November 5th, 2003

self portrait

Poking along the NaNo road

Well, I'm over the 5% threshold and have introduced most of my main characters. I even have some of them starting to do some things! I wasted an hour yesterday, though, trying to figure out one of their names. He's got a name, I'm sure of it; he's just not telling. This is typical for him, though as he's a secretive sort about things like that. He might end up with a descriptor for a good long while.

Otherwise, life proceeds apace. Got all my bills paid last month (thanks to Time Warner finally getting on the electronic payment bandwagon). There is still the tax bill to take care of, but I'll be setting aside money from the next few checks for that. Bills for November could be a bit tight, but it shouldn't break me.

What I want to do, of course, is go play some poker. Doing so, historically ends up with me either winning $300 or losing $200 over the course of a weekend. I need to work on limiting my losses so that the average works out better for the time I put in. This requires more playing time, but that cuts into time for everything else. So, I lumber along.

In store: More NaNo!
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