October 25th, 2003

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Busy couple of days

Things have been busy for the last few days.

Wednesday was the Day of Deliveries. This, in combination with the regular dog visitors and the annual banquet of Ericka's PCA employer amounted to a too-long day without sleep for me. I ended up staying home from work and sleeping the entire night away. The banquet was horrid. Decent food, though the green beans were over-done, but the program was poorly organized and executed. When the MC of the main portion comes on with some irrelevant story that ends with him explaining how the people in the organization tease him because he talks too much you know you're in trouble.

Ericka's core team of assistants, including yours truly, were honored for our efforts over the last year with a certificate, a gift and a check for $50. My gift was a selection of votive candles so heavily scented that I had to put them out in the garage to avoid stinking up the place; and I hadn't even lit them! We did manage to sneak out early, though that involved rustling up security guards to run the little elevator for handicap access; they hadn't been warned that anyone would leave early.

Thursday we were swamped at work for a change. Kept busy pretty much all night. It's good to see some work coming in as we head towards our next peak. And this is what we call "transactional" work; companies acquiring each other, IPOs, that sort of thing. So it bodes well for our market to make a bit of a come-back by the end of the year.

We're all caught up here on Friday night, though. After another half hour or so, I might ask to be let go early. I've got a few things I could do around the house and a bit more sleep wouldn't hurt me any either. Feel like I'm coming down with a bit of a sore throat.
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self portrait

Disturbing revelations

Discovered today while I took a shower: unbraided, my hair falls to mid-thigh!

Courtesy of the good folks at Harper's Index:

Number of U.S. troops who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last two years : 354

Number who died in Vietnam in 1963 and 1964 : 324

Source: U.S. Department of Defense
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