October 22nd, 2003

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Sleepy, busy, bored and planning

Got a lot of good sleep today. Woke up about noon, had a snack, went back to bed and slept until past 7:00 p.m.

We were busy for the first part of work today. A flurry of little jobs and a couple of big ones. They all languish in proofreading now. About an hour to kill before it's time to go home.

This evening is a banquet given by the company that pays Ericka's helpers. We are to be honored as some kind of example of how the program is supposed to work or some such. Eeesh. Ericka is making me go but it'll be free dinner (if banquet food counts as dinner), so I'll probably survive. Here's hoping the award portion of the program is short.

More NaNo musings floating around my head. Currently thinking of how to get my heroine into the story. I've got the place where she starts and the place of the greatest crisis in the story, but I'm not sure what events push her down that path. This should be a bit of an anguished decision. Who in their right mind goes out seeking dangerous paths? So what will make her choose the dangers? Is she aware of the dangers when she makes the choice? (I would think she'd have to be, or it isn't a valid choice.) That'll deserve more thinking; I'll see if Fred kicks anything out of the dusty corners of my head to show me the way.
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That other writing project

Remembered in my mental wanderings while killing time at work, that I'd started re-writing my resume a few weeks ago. Haven't finished, or really got much of a start. I've mentioned it to job-hunting-over-achiever daedala a couple of times, who suggested that I post it here for folks to comment on.

So here's a link to my resume has an HTML document. I have links from that page to versions that are RTF and plain text, if you have an urge to re-write it and mail it back to me.
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