October 10th, 2003

self portrait

The race to be late

Woke up three minutes before I had to be at work. Raced out of the house and got here 10 minutes late. This makes me "officially" late as it's outside the 6-minute grace period.

Lame. Particularly since there is, once again, nothing to do. Good thing we have a peak period coming up next month because I'd start to lose my skills if I didn't use them every three months or so.

The particularly bad part about racing out of the house is that I didn't bring any distractions with me. No tunes. No book. No laptop. It's just me and the internet all night long. Going to be a long night.
self portrait

Home again, home again

Well, my boss came around and sent a bunch of us home early. Given that there was nothing to do, this was a good thing. It means I get to start on NaNoWriMo task No. 1: Clean off the desk. It also means I won't be tempted to slide my $10 bill into the change machine in order to buy vending machine snacks to pass the time.

And so I start on the desk-cleaning. It'll be good to have a clear space for working on the NaNo.
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