October 8th, 2003

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WriMo musings

I'm enamored of fantasy. I'm torn between historical fantasies and modern, urban fantasies. I have, however, a strong pull to the magic. Fred dumped me some fantasy images (including an interesting look at the Fates) and I'm sorting through some of those.

Hmm. I never did anything with that "Don Quixote meets War For the Oaks" idea. Perhaps that would be a place to start. The basic idea was Our Hero meeting a flamboyant street performer. Said performer lives as though they are in an urban fantasy. But is he? The bits of scenes in my head go on for quite a while without coming down on one side or another. Is all this magic that the performer sees really magic? Is he schizophrenic in a highly functional and non-dangerous way? Is there a little of both?

Hmm. Fates as Dinkytown shop owners. A clothier, an architect. A government worker? A funeral home?

More Googling!
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