September 29th, 2003

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Lacking a little courtesy

So I come into work today and my workstation is a bit of a shambles. Not bad; keyboard tray and seat lowered, half-empty Coke bottle on the desk. No biggie, we share desks across three shifts so this is the normal base-level irritation that I shrug off every day.

Then I log into my machine and start up my basic programs. Two terminal sessions to connect to our scheduling and composition systems. Seems the careful color schemes I'd set up to be easy on my eyes were reset somehow. Well, bother. This is about five minutes of going back through the set ups to get them just right and saving them so they'll be that way tomorrow.

About this time, I notice the little post-it stuck to my monitor. "Word Typeset" it says. I get a sinking feeling in my gut. I start up a browser. Sure, the default settings aren't what I'd set mine too. I check the Favorites menu.


The favorites have been wiped. I check the hard drive. It's been re-imaged.

So any personal files I had on the hard drive are gone. (Hey, I shouldn't have had them there to begin with, no big deal.)

But all the bookmarks to tools I use for work are gone. Any files I'd saved from email are gone (like my performance review self-evaluation). All of this out of the blue without so much as a "this will be going down Monday morning" or a "if you please."

Now I need to find out who to send an angry email to.
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