September 25th, 2003

self portrait

Feeling better

After I got home yesterday I was still a bit stressed because of the conflict with my manager. So I took my dog out on a morning constitutional around the yard. I pulled a few weeds from the south side of the house where the new plants had just been put in. Very therapeutic.

Feeling much better, I went in, got through the morning routine and got to bed. Was woken up a couple of times, once by the arrival of the regular Wednesday dogs and again by Ericka's return from clinic (which the dogs heralded). Apart from that, though, it was a day of good sleep and general productivity.

I'm working on the MN-Stf web site and forwarded a prototype to a chunk of folks for feedback today. I got a call back from the Lawson recruiter, but was sleeping and so need to try to connect tomorrow.

I did, somehow, mess up the get-together with daedala that we'd schedule a couple of days ago. Hopefully she'll forgive me and we can reschedule in short order.
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