September 23rd, 2003

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Keepin' busy

Was a night of dishes last night, cleaning up after the big soup-making project of Saturday plus another day's worth of dishes. Got everything I needed to done by the time Ericka's helper showed up Monday morning.

The plants seem to be doing well with the rain and cool weather we've been having of late. I need to get mulch for them organized this week.

At work, I've got a chunk of jobs that are due on October 3. It's weird having such a long lead-time, but these are jobs that are using our new Word-to-typeset tools. The good news is that one of the developers did a lot of work to take care of many of the things I found hard to use about those tools. The bad news is that some of these jobs have a custom style that prevent those upgrades from working.

So the type of jobs that these are and the extra time needed to work them in our Word tools leads to the long lead time. It also means that, until they're all done, I'll have something to do when I come into work every day. Nice thing, that.

When I get home today, it'll be time to get the next round of bills paid. I somehow missed my cable bill last month but otherwise things are all caught up.

As of last week I took on the job of webmaster for MN-Stf. laurel did a great job for several years so I've got big shoes to fill. I'm thinking that I'd also like to use the job as an opportunity to buff up my resume. So I've been looking over the site from the viewpoint of what it's doing for the club and what the club might want it to do. I've got some ideas for re-organizing the content and am playing around with re-doing the layout in CSS. Need to refresh my memory of that, it's been too long since I've had to use it.

I'll probably use the webmaster gig as an excuse to upgrade my copy of BBEdit and to purchase the registration of the shareware FTP tool I have. Be nice to have current tools.
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