September 20th, 2003

self portrait

All set

I picked up stuff for soup today. I had carrots and celery because I needed those to make the stock in the first place. Picked up an onion, some mushrooms (morel and shiitake) and some fettuccine. On a lark, I picked up some parsnips as well but don't know if they'll make it into the soup or not. I have potatoes at home that may make an appearance as well.

Second errand was to the Home Depot to pick up some rocks and some daffodils. The rocks are for the borders I plan to put around the garden areas. I figure when I get home in the morning that I can make the lemonade (going to try a recipe that involves creating a sugar syrup, yum) and, if there's still time to kill before the nursery opens up, I'll maybe play with a section of the border.

Once the nursery is open I run over to pick up plants. Might have to make a couple of trips if they won't all fit in my car on one, but they're close so that's not a big deal. I'll get any last-minute advice from the owner of the place and then settle in to sleep until people show up.

When I awake, or when people get here, whichever happens first, I'll get the soup started and we'll go over the plans and the plants. If I'm up early, I'll probably get a start on the planting myself. Then it's plant, plant, plant until the sun goes down or we run out of plants. Lots of beverage during the planting and plenty of soup during a break or after.
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