September 16th, 2003

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A nice weekend

After a good day of socializing and poker on Saturday, I was pumped up for Sunday. It was great to see my friends and I was excited about my plans for Sunday.

I did get to the local native-plant nursery, where I discovered that, not only are they nice people, but they are also currently having a sale. All native grasses are 50% off as well as select perennials! So now I have plans for the near future lined up! Figure out how many grass plants I'll need for my two areas, purchase them and schedule a planting party!

I did not, after all, get out to any movie over the weekend, but did stay in and watch chunks of a few. Very nice Sunday to top off a nice weekend.
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self portrait

Fall Planting Party!

As you've likely been reading, things with my garden plans have come to a head lately and I'm going to have a lot of grass and other plants to get planted shortly. This, of course, calls for a party!

When: Saturday, September 20, 2003; 4:00 p.m. until the plants are all in or the sun goes down
Where: 1055 SE 26th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55414

I'm planning to make some hearty soup in my fabulous new stock pot. I'll have plenty of water for hard workers and some tasty beverages as well (I'm thinking some lemonade and some beer).

I have some extra gloves about, but don't have extra tools. Bring a trowel!

Things to be planted include native grasses (Junegrass, Prairie Dropseed, Big and Little Bluestem) and maybe some wildflowers in the prairie garden areas. (Two areas in full sun each about 30 x 10 feet.) There are likely to be lots of things that people with hayfever-type allergies could react to.

I also have Hosta Party 3000 at my place and so there'll be hostas a-plenty to go in shady parts of the landscape (and maybe some for people to take if they want). There is also a long-shot of daffodils, but things are still be organized on that front.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can drop me email. If you want to come over and watch the festivities and visit with Ericka, that's cool too. Day of the event, you can reach us here at 612-331-3655.

We have a dog and a cat. No smoking, open flame, firearms or strong perfumes/colognes in the house. We are wheelchair accessible, though the areas to be planted probably aren't. The house is passively dangerous for unsupervised children, wrangle your own. The soup will be based on a chicken or veal stock (I haven't decided) though vegetarian food options will also be available.

If you're coming, I'd appreciate a heads-up as that will help with the laying in of supplies.
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