September 14th, 2003

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Good poker

A good day of poker and socializing today. I missed the guys and it was good to get into the swing of things again. Plus, I did very well at poker.

First, we held a little mini-tournament style of game. No-limit Texas Hold-'Em with everyone buying in for $10 and all the money going back to the top four finishers. I finished in first, putting me up over $10.

After a quick break for dinner, we started our regular nickel-quarter game. This includes wacky games with wild cards. Like, for example, No-Peek Baseball. A truly horrific game. You start with Baseball, a 7-card stud variant where 3s and 9s are wild. If you should be dealt a wild card face up, you have the option of keeping it by paying an amount of money equal to what is already in the pot or folding. Further, if you are dealt a 4 face up, you can pay a quarter and get an extra card face up. The "No-Peek" variant is that you receive all of your cards face down at the beginning of the deal. Then, in turn, the players turn over these cards one at a time until the cards they have showing can beat the best previous shown hand or until they reach their last card. After each iteration of this, there is a betting round. So one can easily be sitting there, shelling out money as people bet and it hasn't been your turn to turn over one card yet. in this game, I was privileged to win a quite large pot.

I did not, however, make a count of what I started with in the poker fund before beginning play. So while I know I did well, I don't know exactly how well.

Well, since I'll be up for a while yet, I'll do an accounting now to get a rough idea and watch the Twins game in hopes that they won. Then it's nap-time and up in the early afternoon to catch a matinee movie.
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