September 13th, 2003

self portrait

Weekend plans

I'm happy for the rain we got yesterday. Will be a nice boost for the flowers I've got in and be good for settling the new-tilled areas I got done last weekend. My Saturday is looking pretty full with the monthly poker game getting started about 3:00 and running all night (with a break for dinner, most likely). So I probably won't get much done with the gardening bits on Saturday. Perhaps I'll get the landscape fabric down over the new digs.

Sunday I hope to go to the local native plant nursery. Also want to get out and see a movie. I'd like to see "Cabin Fever," but we'll see how it goes. Could end up at a different movie and depending on how show times are scheduled, I might end up at a movie instead of the nursery.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, though. Should be fun.
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