September 12th, 2003

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Sleepy day

Must be the rain. I got in a lot of sleep today. Stayed up late to start with so I could call the recruiter I tried to contact yesterday. Actually got to spreak with him but he was on another call and said he'd call me back. So I stayed up for a while waiting. Even tried making another call on the principle that return calls always seem to come when you're on another call. No dice.

I eventually dozed off but slept with the phone nearby. I slept through a couple of calls but none from the recruiter. I eventually woke up at about 5:00 and tried to catch him again. Still no luck. So I've sent him email suggesting we set up an appointment to talk. We'll see how he responds.

Caught most of the Twins game. A good game featuring some very good pitching on both sides. The Twins won, which pulls them back into a tie for first in the AL Central, which is where they were when they started the series with Chicago. Napped on and off while watching the game; praise TiVo for the flexibility to do that and still not miss much!

Ended up sleeping until 10:00. By that time it had started raining and hasn't let up yet. This is a very good thing as we desperately need the rain. The bad part about sleeping that long is that I forget the pot luck at work this evening for which I'd volunteered to cook up a batch of beans and rice. Was planning on tossing them in the pressure cooker about an hour before I had to get ready for work. Looks like there's enough food to go 'round, though, so I shouldn't be too castigated.

Since we recently integrated two teams, the powers that be decided that this would be a good opportunity to have us get to know each other. So they came up with a little game whereby you are to find someone from the other team that has certain characteristics that are common but not obvious. Owns a pet, speaks another language, stuff like that. I am so not interested in playing a little game to learn these things. Really, all I want to know about the people I work with is what work-skills they have that they are good at. How can they help me do my job (and I them)?

The rest of the things are nice and some of them will come out eventually as part of normal interactions. I'm just resentful of forced socialization, I suppose.
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