September 7th, 2003

self portrait

Sleep: 2, Socializing: 0

Well, all my plans for getting out to the dachshund races and going to the MN-Stf meeting and hooking up with friends were swallowed by the need for sleep. I have done nothing of consequence today, though the cat has been happy with my sleep habits.

My current plans for Sunday involve acquiring a rental tiller and attacking the front lawn area I want to plant my prairie garden in next year. I'll peruse the yellow pages this evening and call places first thing in the morning. If places are open and have a tiller available, I'll borrow my friend's truck and have at it.

We'll see if sleep horns in and ruins these plans too.
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self portrait

Sleep:2, Productivity: 1

Well, I did go and get a tiller this morning and got the area for the prairie garden that I want to put in front tilled up. While it certainly was less work than doing it by hand, it was still quite a bit of work to get the sod chopped up and turned over. I turned up a chunk of brick and a few rocks but otherwise, not too much in the way of trouble.

Once I got the front chunk done, I took a break to cool off and re-hydrate and, having the tiller until tomorrow morning, I decided that I might as well look for other projects to use it for. Since I eventually want to come up with some kind of border between my back yard and that of the neighbor's, I decided to till up a strip along the fence past the chunk that I'd dug up by hand a couple of weeks ago.

Then I took a shower and am now listening to the Twins game and will drift off to sleep if things go as they typically do. See-saw game, though so it might keep me awake for a while more.
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