September 5th, 2003

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Nothing much

I'm at a bit of a loss today. Having finished listing the strengths of my friends I find a lack of focus and intent for an entry. It was nice having a task for a couple of days.

Without a baseball game to organize my life around my schedule has been all off too. Ate later than usual and was, therefore, ready for my post-meal nap about the time I should be getting ready to go to work. Lame.

Had a spurt of work but then nothing. Now it looks like something else is ready to work on.

Liking the new "skin" for LiveJournal. Much less intrusive. One of these days I should design a layout for my own journal and then work out how to build it. Overall, though, I'm happy with the one using so there's no big pressure to get that done.
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    Valentine--The Replacements--Pleased To Meet Me
self portrait

Well, bummer

I missed out on kaustin's party at cakmpls's place this evening. I woke up hungry at about 2:00 today, a few hours before what's "normal" for me. Grabbed a sandwich and went back to bed but didn't fall asleep until about 4:30. Was re-wakened at 6:30 by my dog explaining that, much like children in Asia, she was starving. At that point, I was still sleepy and figured I'd get a couple more hours of sleep and then pop over to the party for a little bit before work.

I awoke again at 10:00, just in time to get things ready for Ericka and head to work.

So here I sit. And there is literally nothing to do. The one thing that I could do, they've asked me to not do because they'd like someone on 2nd shift to get more practice doing that kind of job.

Not partying. Not working.
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    Please Don't Talk About Me...--Arlo Guthrie--Precious Friend