September 3rd, 2003

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I am, for no apparant reason, grumpy today. I got enough sleep. Ate well. Nothing too major happening at work.

Still grumpy. Kind of a furrowed brow, one corner of mouth sneer sorta thing. Wish I knew why.

Heck, the Twins even won. Clobbered the Angels something fierce. To the point that by the end of the game, pretty much all the September call-ups were in the game.

So what's to be grumpy about?
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That'll cheer you up

Between listening to the mix that I made for laurel entitled "CheerUp" and this story about Star Trek tribute bands in Sacremento, I am now cheered up.

Maybe it was the weather as fredcritter hypothesized, but whatever it was my mood is much improved.

"Borg Kitty is malfunctioning." That's all I have to say.

(OK, one more thing. I am amused that the LJ spell checker knows "borg.")
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Three cool, one kinda icky

When I got home from work this morning, I went out to do my watering routine. I started with the hostas transplanted from the south side of the house, hit the rest of the hosta party that is currently in containers on the deck and headed out to the compost pile. As my compost material is primarily woody and it's been pretty dry of late, I've taken to watering it more often to promote the decay of the wood (as well as the rest of the pile). It gave off the lovely active compost smell when I added water. Cool.

I continued on across the driveway to water the rather sad looking Woodland Garden. The ferns transplanted here with 90_percent_sure's help have let it be known that they do not like being touched, much less uprooted and moved to new surroundings. I keep them moist in hopes that they'll come out of it and spring back next year. After their morning drink, I hit the Pre-Cambrian Garden on the north side of the garage and then put up the back hose to do the front plantings.

As I got the hose out, I noticed a school bus pulling up to the corner. It's that time of year again. I adjusted the spray and started watering the new plants below our picture window. After a short time I noticed that one of my plants looked a bit odd. Then I recognized the huge green dragonfly I'd seen trying to land on the plants hanging inside the window a couple of days ago. It was perched, sunning itself on one of the plants not appearing to mind the spray of water. I moved to another part of the bed, thinking it would fly off but it stayed there through the entire process of watering and weeding. Even through the dog wandering through the plants. Cool.

While watering I also noticed that a few mushrooms have popped up through my mulch. I take this as a good sign that there's plenty of organic material in the bed and that it's doing well. While weeding, I got reinforcement of this idea in the being of a nice big earthworm crawling its way from where I'd disturbed it within the mulch. Cool.

Also while weeding I came upon the partially decomposed body of a bird that obviously had its neck broken. Most likely by running into our big picture window, poor thing. As it was at the base of one of the plants and was already beginning to decompose, I covered it in mulch and figure it'll make it's own contribution to the soil. Kinda icky.
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The strength meme

If the shower meme was named because its originator thought of it in the shower, this one should be named the bed meme because I thought of it in bed. It gets its name, however, from the Upward Bound project I participated in my sophomore and junior years in high school. One of those years, one of the instructors had us do what she called "strength bombardments." Over the course of the project, each person in the class would have a turn and the others would take turns calling out good things about that person. At the end, each person had a big flip-chart page with all these things that others that were good about you.

Your task, if you should choose to accept it, is to go through your friends list (in alphabetical order) and write at least three short, declarative sentences describing good qualities about the person. You don't have to do them all at once, but don't skip anyone. (You don't have to do communities or rss feeds unless you are inspired.)

90_percent_sure makes me laugh.
90_percent_sure has done a great job raising her boy.
90_percent_sure is a helpful friend.

anney is very brave for trying new things.
anney cares about her family a lot.
anney has a sunny attitude that makes me smile.

cakmpls is another mom that makes me hopeful about the next generation.
cakmpls's home is comfortable and welcoming.
cakmpls is always willing to lend a hand.

daedala has many great book suggestions.
daedala is making cool quilts.
daedala makes lovely and delicious food.

davidschroth is a calming influence.
davidschroth can lift heavy things and does so often to help out.
davidschroth does many quiet things to assist others that often go unnoticed.

When I think of dreamshark, I hear her laugh.
dreamshark always seems interested in other people.
dreamshark dresses to let you know how fabulous she is.

drewan is recently married to a loving husband.
drewan looks hot in suspenders.
drewan has the greatest gadgets.

elisem still has nice tits.
elisem has a strong sense of the silly, the sacred and where they overlap.
elisem gives good chat.

envoy remembered to send me a postcard from London.
envoy has the strength to go his own way.
envoy is one of the few people for whom I can use "fuck you" as a greeting.

More later. Back to bed with me.
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More strength

Continuing my plan to go through my friends list and come up with at least three positive things to say about each person:

And I'm up to:

fredcritter taught me all those songs.
fredcritter takes very cool photographs.
fredcritter is a gentle soul.
It always makes me happy to see fredcritter.

jonsinger says, "Hi!"
jonsinger is becoming a quite able potter.
jonsinger always has interesting ideas on the subject.

ktynes raised a very odd boy who is my friend.
ktynes is another Johnny Depp fan.
ktynes cares about her family a great deal.

mizzlaurajean is my favorite Prairie Cocktail Hostess.
mizzlaurajean does what she thinks is right even if she gets crap for it.
mizzlaurajean has a great sense of style.

laurel introduced me to great TV shows I would have otherwise missed.
laurel knows the secret of bacon dispensers and other silliness.
laurel roots for the Twins.
laurel got me started on this crazy LiveJournal thing.

lsanderson regularly makes fabulous dips.
lsanderson quietly bailed me out at MarsCon.
I always see lsanderson adding to the enjoyment of the party.

markiv1111 wrote all those other songs.
markiv1111 always has time for a budding musician.
markiv1111 paid me one of the great compliments of 2002.

And now work intervenes. More later.
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