August 21st, 2003

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Oh, very cool

Further exploration into prairie gardening this evening has led me to Prairie Nursery. Their site is a wellspring of information and ideas. It echoes a lot of information I picked up from the U of M's Sustainable Urban Landscape site and also has many nice pictures of plants that I've never heard the names of (though I've seen quite a few in fields and ditches throughout Minnesota).

Of particular interest to me was their Plant Gardens. These are batches of plants that come with planting layouts to create specific kinds of gardens. I particularly liked their Prairie Island Garden and Meadow in a Flat garden. Both seem reasonable to situate as an island in an otherwise normal lawn without too much difficulty. This matches up with my understanding of the need to keep such landscape features away from buildings (due to the fire hazard of long, dry grasses in summer) and my guess that it would be difficult to establish such plants near the stresses from streets and sidewalks.

While I'm unlikely to go out and purchase a "kit" like those, the layouts are great for shaping my ideas. I have a lovely wild rose that was a birthday gift to Ericka that is thriving in the middle of the front lawn and using it as a starting point for such a garden seems like a fine idea.
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