August 13th, 2003


Soup line

So tonight is our first night of peak food. The deal with peak periods here at Merrill is that they are all about the food. The reason we agree to work 12-hour shifts? If you schedule them correctly, you get in on the other shifts' food!

Tonight we have soups and salad from Eddington's. Not too shabby. (And is anything ever just the right amount of shabby?) First and second shift get theirs tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll have pizza. So, if scheduled properly, one's third shift means getting soup and salad tonight, soup and salad tomorrow when you get in, pizza later that night and then pizza when you get in the next day.
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self portrait

Emergency preparedness

So now I'm in a dilemma. I am prepared for staying here late at work and being sleepy. I have two Ritalin doses (in case I was sleepier than this earlier). If I were to take a dose now, however, I'd likely be up until noon. Not the end of the world, but I prefer to sleep in the morning and have a couple of hours knocking 'round the house before heading in to work. On the other side of the equation: there's nothing to do. So I could be sent home early as I was yesterday. This would mean additional sleep this morning, keeping me on a better sleep schedule for the return to post-peak scheduling and would mean not jacking myself up with chemicals to keep awake.

So I think the thing to do is go with a package of M&Ms from the vending machine. Crunchy chocolate to stave off the nods until someone decides I'm really not needed here any longer.
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