June 28th, 2003

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Another long night

I must be well-rested for I am bored, but still awake here at work.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Twins game with my friend Jim. Hopefully the Twins will do better than they did Friday night. I should look about for something to do on Saturday night. Perhaps I'll get caught up on my NetFlix movies and cycle those back to the good NetFlix people while I'm at Winnipeg.

Speaking of which, I think Sunday should be the day to clean out the car and begin inventory for the trip. That'll give me a good week to pick up anything I might need or to make repairs to stuff I already have.

Ah, well, back to cruising the web. Should keep me busy for another 10 minutes or so....
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    Fujitive Kind--Paul Westerberg--Suicaine Gratifaction
self portrait

Food = sleep

My food intake today was larger than typical and I'm wondering if it has some impact on my lack of fatigue or if such is due more to not staying up later in order to get Ericka to mummy class. I don't think I got more sleep than usual and yet I don't feel as tired now.

One of the things I want to work out how to do is to incorporate more fresh foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, into my diet. This will, I think, make me healthier and happier all 'round.

Apart from the strictly nutritional benefits, there's also the fact that it would a great creative spark. I like to cook and having fresh ingredients would give me more chance to try out varied techniques and recipes. There's bound to be flops, of course, but that's part of the fun.
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