June 20th, 2003

self portrait


Stayed up late this morning to supervise the arrival of a generator from one of Ericka's medical equipment suppliers. This is to provide back-up power for Ericka's medical devices in the event of a power outage. A bit loud, but does one want power or quiet?

Last summer we were without power for a couple of days after a particularly big storm, which prompted this acquisition. The unit should have enough power to keep all of Ericka's stuff running as long as we keep it filled up with gas. They also wisely provided us with a hardened chain and lock to secure the unit while it's running. We may have to invest in some additional extension cords, but otherwise we're set.

After that, I slept for a few hours. Then Ericka woke me up to get her ready for her mummy class appointment this afternoon. Her regular PCA was off with her husband picking up their new cars and was running late. Ericka wanted me as back-up for taking her to the clinic but I had to put my foot down. After staying up until 10:30 a.m., she'd awoken me at 1:00 p.m. (You can add three hours to these times and transpose a.m./p.m. to get an idea of how this might feel for a first shift person.) There was no way I was going to be coherent enough to drive. Fortunately, the PCA returned in time to get Ericka off to the clinic. I was, however, upset enough to not fall back asleep right away and so ended up sleeping until 10:00 p.m. That left me no time to do much more than settle Ericka in for the night before coming to work.

Work is fairly slow. I'm waiting for the graphics guy to figure out a font problem in a job but otherwise there's not much going on. I'm feeling a bit blah, but hoping that I'm still kinda waking up. I'd like to capitalize on the energy I felt after last night's rest and hope today didn't drain it out of me.

While having another rejuvenation like that would be great, I probably can't afford the time off. This Sunday the massage therapist friend of ours is getting married so we'll have a full weekend.
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