June 13th, 2003

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Busy, busy

Oddly busy night at work, despite there not being all that much work. We don't even have anyone off on vacation or sick.

Huh. I wonder if it's a perceptive issue on my part. I've been busy. Between email, LJ, friendster and work I've been cranking along. Throw in the occasional giggling fit brought on by 90_percent_sure's posting of this, and it's been a full night.

I got to sleep later than usual today because we had the cable guy over. (Down, drewan, down boy.) He hooked up an additional cable box in Ericka's sewing room so that she can watch TV while resting in her hospital bed during her mummy sessions. I predict less sleep for her in the near future.

So after my requisite eight hours of sleep, I awoke too late to go the the Twins game I had tickets for tonight. Probably OK, as, after the 7-run bottom of the first, the excitement probably would have worn off. Only so much clobbering a guy can watch. (I'd watched up to the bottom of the 5th before coming to work on the TiVo. I see now that the Twins got another 7-run inning in the 7th!) Good to see the bats working and some of the new guys doing well.

Tomorrow, I'm taking off work to attend a party. I've got a floating holiday saved up and a good party doesn't come around every day. Not sure when I'll make it over there. I should work on my bills some more and also need to talk someone that will refinance my mortgage.

Got turned down on the refinancing by another company. You would think that with an estimated value of $161,000 and mortgage and home equity debt of about 130,000 that it wouldn't be that tough. Maybe I'm just approaching it the wrong way. Tomorrow, I think I'll try to get a sit-down with a banker somewhere. Right now, my late payments are hurting my credit but they exist because my mortgage payments are too high to handle. Remove that and I've been a pretty good borrower. We'll see.
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