June 10th, 2003

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10-foot poles

So the latest hubbub on the MN-Stf natter list is about Minnesota's new conceal carry law. Much back and forth about how the law may or may not be a good law and/or social policy.

My position is simple and not subject to change: Handguns are for killing people. Handguns make it remarkably easy to kill people. People should not be killed. Handguns, therefore, should not exist; but since they do, should be remarkably hard to get.

(Note that I do support the right and need for private citizens to own firearms. However, I see no problem in these being shotguns and/or rifles. I have seen no reason for owning a handgun that could not be served at least as well by owning a shotgun.)

One of the current heads of Minicon, the convention MN-Stf puts on annually, has piped up in the arguments stating that Minicon will make sure that people know that their guns aren't welcome at Minicon. The reaction of the local supportors of the bill has been nearly identical to the reaction I had when Minicon's leadership decided to not serve alcohol in the consuite; that is, largely emotional (as if it were aimed at me directly) and way out of proportion to the issue at hand. I've sent mail suggesting letting things lie for a bit while we all get used to the new law, its implications, and the behavior of friends that take advantage of it.

We'll see, I guess. Sigh.
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