June 9th, 2003

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Sleeping the weekend away

Spent all day Saturday sleeping. A few bouts of consciousness but otherwise sleep. Much more than normal. Got in something like 16 hours. That'll eat up your weekend.

Did get Stranger in a Strange Land re-read.

The rest of Sunday was sleep, food and baseball with a brief sojourn into that mysterious land called "outside." Seems nice. I think I'll go back.

Gave Ericka the day off from mummy practice but it's back on the training regimen tomorrow. She's responding very well to the therapy and so is eager to continue. This is a good thing and will likely help many of her minor complaints.

I miss my iBook and, due to sleepiness, have yet to get it into the Apple Store. Since my job interview tomorrow is at the MoA, however, I'll have the opportunity to drop it off then. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
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self portrait

Doin' the Dew Den

Well, the "Dew Den Powered by Xbox" interview went well. Met with the 40-something assistant of the guy I'd spoken with on the phone. She's energetic and they have some cool ideas about the place. There's a few things they don't quite understand about gamers. (They're thinking of getting people to stop in, play, move on in 30 minutes or so. Gamers would hang there for hours.) Overall, however, it sounds like they're planning a cool promotion that will be fun to work on. I'm hoping I get the gig as it would be a welcome change from what I'm doing now and would also be good managerial experience. (Scheduling and supervising a troop of late-teen/early-20s gamers/geeks. Should be interesting.)
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