May 30th, 2003

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Busier today, but still periods of slowness. Not enough to drive me completely nuts, but enough to allow me some time for not-so-random web surfing.

I'm printing out a big job that I've been working on (along with my co-workers) all night. Because second shift was busy, it didn't get started on until I got here, in spite of being due at 5:00 a.m. We've received an extension of a couple of hours to get it done, which should happen pretty easily.

My bike ride in was pretty good. The re-inflation of my tires has helped a lot. I'm staying in a higher gear as my "base" gear and shift down to my lowest gears quite infrequently. A spot of rain on the way in, but I was able to find quick cover and get my rain shell on and still get to work on time.

Supposed to be thunder in the afternoon/evening tomorrow, according to our good friends at The Weather Channel so I may need the full rain gear on the way to work tomorrow.

Was a bit rushed getting out of the house today, so I didn't get my Whipping Your Career Into Submission exercise posted before leaving the house. I'll get it whipped up before I go to bed after work today.
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self portrait

Mastery day 5—Anger

This seems much like yesterday's whipping subject: regret.

What are the things that would piss you off if you didn't get your fantasy career?

Not much, really. I think I would tend to be regretful about not every fulfilling the dream. Since I'm giving up regret, though, we don't want that. So more work on the dream.

I think I'd be angry about having to go to "the office" everyday if I didn't become a writer. By that, I mean, going to somewhere that I am expected to be at certain times even if there is no work to do. I am goal and task motivated and believe that increased efficiency means I get to go home earlier. It does piss me off that I'm expected to do dumb-ass busy-work or pointless "training exercises" just because I've been efficient in getting my work done or there isn't work to do for some other reason.

So I'll channel that anger into energy for writing. Every time I get pissed at some idiotic thing at work, I'll put in time later that day writing. Sounds like a plan.
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