May 28th, 2003

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Missing time

Looking back over my journal I see that I didn't really have a birthday this year. I remember talking to my Mom (with whom I share the day) and to folks at work (one of whom also has the same birthday). I remember Ericka getting me some gifts. The timing, however, sucked. It was right after we heard that Ericka might have breast cancer but long before we heard that this was not the case. I was in a fog of concern for her.

So I'm thinking I'm owed a birthday party. I used to throw these for myself at Minicon every year but fell out of the habit when we stopped having the Mpls in '73 suite there.

Plus, I've got this spiffy new pot I want to break in.

So now I've got to find a time in my busy schedule to have a party, invite the usual suspects, get things that need cleaning cleaned up and otherwise make preparations.

Hmm. I wonder if I'm just noodling on this because there's no work here at work and I'm missing social interaction. Well, if nothing comes of it, don't think you were snubbed in the inviting, it most likely means I didn't get anything organized.
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self portrait

Mastery day 4—Regret

Today's career question: How does your long-term goal change when you remove your regret from yesteryear?

I for example, frequently regret that I never finished my degree. So if I stopped doing that, I see that writing doesn't require a degree of any form. It is the ultimate in reward for merit. No piece of paper on the wall is going to make you a good writer (though the learning to get one might be useful in your writing).

All of the "day jobs" I'm applying for these days have a minimum degree requirement because they are in the IT field. Employers expect candidates to have a four year degree at a minimum. Without one, I'm handicapped going into the process.

Where I excel, however, is in the amount of experience I have and my ability to communicate. So many of those folks with four year degrees are like the folks I met when I was in the IT program at the U; they could do calculus, physics and programming to beat the band, but they couldn't write a paper to save their lives.

So, not regretting getting a degree opens up all the time spent doing it for writing. As for day jobs, not having a degree is a hurdle, but it also means that, having cleared that hurdle, I'm in an advantageous position. My experience is weightier than any education.
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