May 21st, 2003

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Presents, conclusions, craft

I awoke kinda early this afternoon but got back to sleep well and slept until 8:30 pm. When I awoke for good, there was a big box for me from our good friends at!

I don't think I mentioned the deal I got from them a little while ago. If you've visited lately, you've probably seen your "gold box" in the upper right corner (unless this is something they do just for me; sometimes it's hard to tell). Well the gold box deal I got was on a 12-quart stock pot. Caphalon. 18/10 stainless with an aluminum core. Fitted lid. Oven-good to 500F.

Now most gold box deals are OK. They have the typical amazon discount plus a little more. On top of that, they've started asking me inane questions about the things they sell other than books, CDs and DVDs. Each time I answer one, they give me a nickel. Add up all the discounts, the nickels and I got this fabulous pot, delivered, for under $30.

<<does happy dance>>

I think a soup-making party is in order. Have to give that some thought. I suppose a guy could get barley at a co-op pretty easily....

After burbling over my pot and getting dinner for Ericka and I together (which didn't involve the pot, sadly), we sat down to watch the Buffy series finale. I was, generally, pleased with the conclusion. I liked many of the tie-ins to the beginning of the series. I howled at Andrew's D&D game (and Trogdor the Burninator, go pop culture references)! In many ways, the end of last season was more emotionally charged and wrenching. I liked the overall message of this ending, however, better than that of the previous season. I liked that there were very real and final consequences for character's actions and that they weren't cheapened by the actions of others.

So now I'm at work. After a slow start and a busy middle, I'm at the slow end of the day. I've probably done about six hours of work in the eight hours of my shift and likely won't get any more work done before it's time for me to leave. Musing mildly on fredcritter's post, the day's work was not art or complete drudgery, leaving me the option of craft. Approached in that fashion, I had a fairly crafty day.

I've been working the last couple of days with our new toolset using Microsoft Word to set our typeset jobs. (I know, I know.) Given the limitations of Word, we've been pretty successful in getting close to what our typesetting system can do. There's still plenty of room for improvement and I'm dubious of our choice of tool, but can see the rationale behind it. So I'll work on my craft and do this the best it can be done.
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self portrait

Mistaken Appointment

Huh. I had a dentist appointment this morning. It's on the calendar. Ericka even called me at work to remind me to go in.

I get there, though, and they don't have anything scheduled for me.

So I took the opportunity to pay my outstanding balance and we rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

At least I had enough time after work to get into Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown for some hearty breakfast on the way.
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