May 15th, 2003

self portrait

Well, one day of peak anyway

Once again, despite this being the "peak" and "busy" time at work, I am without things to do. This is good for now as my wrists are acting like I've abused them severely. I'm thinking this is fallout from the stress they got yesterday from the only actual busy day I've had over this whole week. I'll have to do an ibuprofen thing when I get home and maybe ice them.

That and lay off the video games. (Shouldn't be too hard, I've been sleeping pretty well.)

Ericka's Grape iMac had a visit to the Apple Store over the weekend. It had a busted power-control card and is feeling much better now. I'm wondering if this was perhaps the problem at the core of our printing problem. (Not enough power to the USB bus?) I'll be able to do some true trouble-shooting now, in any case.

Went to the Twins game by myself tonight. My regular go-to guy for last-minute Twins games had another commitment and, in recompense, he's taking me to the game on Friday. Awfully nice of him. I sold my ticket to a scalper for $5 which I turned into two hot dogs and a bottle of soda. About the 2nd inning a guy shows up with my ticket! He'd paid $20 for it. Ah, capitalism.

Was a good game. Rick Reed pitched a complete-game shut-out, giving up only three hits before I had to leave in order to get to work on time. There was apparently a bit of a scuffle after I'd left too. The Twins were up 7-0 so, apart from non-game things, I don't think I missed much. Dustan Mohr made a great catch over the left field wall. Doug Mientkiewicz played right field while hot young player Todd Sears played at first. Doug looked out of place in right but comported himself well, almost making a diving catch (and keeping the ball in front of him while doing it).

I also have tickets to Sunday's game vs. the White Sox. So if you're looking for a day at the ballpark on a Sunday afternoon, let me know.
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