May 7th, 2003

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Wonderful. Lovely.

Heard a random bit of polling on The Daily Show today. Was coming from some MSNBC pundit that was the guest. I have no information about its source or accuracy.

George W. Bush beats "any Democrat" if the election were held today by something like 54% to 43%.

But that's not the bad news.

The Shrub has better numbers against any named Democrat. That is, the vague notion of voting for a Democrat (or against Bush) is more popular than any of the likely candidates.
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If he's posting twice, it must be peak....

We enter a peak season again at work today. Everyone's expected to be available to either come in early or stay late. I chose to come in early if they needed me. This means they'll have to call me in order to get me to come in. If I was staying late, they could decide at the end of the night to have me hang on another couple of hours. I'm usually pretty sleepy when I head home so I didn't think that'll work.

This arrangement goes on the rest of the week. Everyone works one day on the weekend. (Mine is Sunday night.) and then we're scheduled for 12-hour days for Monday through Wednesday next week.

With all this prep, though, we're spectacularly un-busy. This seems to be the rule for peaks, at least on third shift. My guess is that with the first two shifts working extra hours, it takes a major influx of work to roll into third shift. Still, if I get in a few extra hours of overtime, that won't suck.
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It seems that elisem is either still up, or just up or some combination of those and full of energy. So I'm off from work shortly to pick her up and head out to breakfast. Much yumminess and silliness are sure to abound.

If you should see purple lightning dancing out of south Minneapolis, that'd be us.
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