May 4th, 2003

self portrait

Five wonderful things

For me, of course, the day started Friday night. I attended the reception for minnehaha's son and new daughter-in-law where I saw many friends. I got called on stage by the band to play bodhran for the end of their set, which was cool. Far too soon, I had to head off to go to work.

When I arrived home to get Ericka her bedtime drugs and let the dog out and such, however, I started feeling wistful for this once-in-a-lifetime event. So I called in to work, discovered that they weren't too busy and so, seeing as I'm working a shift on Sunday this week, I decided to not go into work.

By the time I got back out to the party, the bar had closed down and the band was packing up. But there were still people hanging around, chatting. With the help of 90_percent_sure and other culprits, some cake was snarfed as the last dregs of the party went wandering off.

I grabbed some food at Byerly's and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Caught part of a movie and napped on and off.

Saturday I watched the end of the Twins' loss to the Boston Red Sox. One can only admire the Boston pitcher, Pedro Martinez. He is a master of his craft; I cannot recall seeing better. I'll watch the rubber match of their series later today.

Got to the MN-Stf meeting today, giving my friend Tony a ride. He gave me a 2-for-1 Twins ticket coupon that he'd acquired. Tony can't sit in the Metrodome seats for the entirety of a ball game so he wanted someone to have it that would appreciate it.

It will come in handy next week, I think. Ericka's relatives are coming up for an extended weekend and doing Mother's Day here. So I'll have her brothers around for a few days and so maybe taking them out to a ball game while their in town would be an idea.

Saw more friends at MN-Stf, including hosts cakmpls and her husband, both halves of minnehaha who were making a brief sojourn from WeddingCon, mizzlaurajean and lsanderson who worked the crowd for Minicon, dreamshark who got together with mizzlaurajean to come up with a nifty "Fannish Parade of Homes" idea. Later daedala showed up with her newly-quilted quilt which looked fabulous and received much-deserved praise.

I left relatively early and tooled around a little. Really was a good day for driving. Got home and immediately felt sleepy. I think during my on-and-off sleep Friday night I didn't get as much time on. So I've had a good nap now and have another four or five hours before I head off to bed for good. There's some good stuff on the TiVo, so I'll have a look at some of that.

My cat is being terminally cute, all curled up with her head tucked under in the middle of my disheveled bedclothes. It'll be a shame to disturb her to make the bed so I'll let it be for now.
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