May 1st, 2003

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Lively game

Went to my second Twins game of the season Wednesday. Another win for the Twins, making the 2-0 when I'm in the ballpark this year.

The game started on a rough note with Brad Radke, who was Minnesota's ace last year, giving up two straight doubles to let Tampa Bay take an early lead. In the bottom of the 1st, however, the Twins got a jolt of energy after manager Gardenhire came out of the dugout to argue a call with the umpire. He got all het up and got himself tossed.

After that, the Twins were off to the races. A single, a double, a home run and the twins were up 4-1. The Tampa pitcher then hit Bobby Kielty. It looked accidental to me but it appeared that the umpire issued a formal warning to the pitcher at that point.

The Twins turned a nifty double-play to get out of the top of the second. The first batter for the Twins in the bottom of the 2nd was hit by a pitch. The crowd went nuts. First booing the pitcher and then booing the umpire who didn't eject the pitcher even after warning him the previous inning. (The story now is that the teams weren't warned about this behavior until after this hit batsman in the 2nd inning. Harrumph.)

The Twins took advantage of it again, with Louis Rivas hitting a triple to score Prince, who had been hit by a pitch

In the 6th, Brad Radke hit a batter and was ejected. In the bottom of the 6th, a Tampa pitcher the Tampa pitcher threw a pitch behind Corey Koskie; he was ejected.

With managers and players, there were a total of five ejections from the game.

On the good side, the Twins were hitting the ball well, didn't commit any errors and ran the bases well. I hope they can take the tools they're honing on Tampa Bay into games against some of their division rivals down the road.
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Beans make me sleepy

Had a lovely dinner with daedala at the Don Pablo's by her work. Was struck this time not only by how noisy the place was (which we encountered on our last visit), but how subtly unauthentic it is. There was, for example, no burrito on the menu that did not include meat. I probably would have ordered one with meat anyway and I'm sure they would have prepared one without meat if I'd asked but ... Mexican food is based on rice, beans and corn. Meat is a luxury stretched through these ingredients. It struck me as odd. Still, plenty of food for relatively little as these things go.

About three hours after dinner I was forced to nap by the large, comfy goodness in my belly. Got in a couple of hours before having to get up to come to work. I'm hoping that large quantities of water will help stave off the sleepiness or that some additional work comes in to keep me too busy to nod off.

(And, yes, daedala did rant a bit about her work. But they deserved it. What kind of network goes down for an entire day or longer because one machine had a corrupted disk? Sheesh!)

Missed the wedding of my friend Erik, minnehaha's son, but I'm not big on wedding ceremonies anyway. I'm in it for the parties. There's apparently a bash tomorrow night so maybe I'll make some of that festivity before coming to work.

Planning to make the MN-Stf meeting on Saturday. Always fun to see cakmpls and family and their home seems fairly conducive to that type of party.

Have to work Sunday, which is a drag. It'll mean some extra bucks, though, so that'll be handy.

Next Twins game I have tickets to is May 10 vs. the Red Sox.
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Kids these days

A comment made elsewhere got me thinking about euphemisms for sex. If one's mind goes down those avenues, it's amazing how many phrases end up with different meanings:
  • Getting one's tires inflated.
  • Doing one's dishes.
  • Going for (a beverage of choice).
  • Working the board.
  • Updating the web site.
  • Making (a meal).
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