April 16th, 2003

self portrait

Winding up

Getting much done of late and much more doing to be done before it's too late!

The Things To Do on Monday went about as well as could be expected. Thankful for that. Still a bit croggled that they needed doing. (And sorry for being obscure, gentle reader, it is necessary and requested.)

The rest of Monday went by in a blur. There was work like we couldn't believe. I think part of it was having a couple of proofreaders out. Proofreading is always slower than typesetting; it's easier to make mistakes than correct them. So being short-handed just slowed things down even more. Before I knew it, it was time to head home. I'd ridden my bike in to work the previous night, a first for this year. Was glad the rumored rain held off and was sufficiently tired when I got home.

Got about five hours of sleep and then got a lot of work done on the Minicon Pocket Program. I decided to go with making everything fit onto one legal size page. It'll fold twice to make a document with eight panels that are 3.25" by 8.5". Should fit in a pocket nicely. I was brutal in editing the panel descriptions down to one line each (including location). My hope is to condense the full panel description in the program book into a bit that will jog your memory as to why you wanted to attend it in the first place. Just have the programming grids to finish and the times for fixed functions like Art Show to get. Should get that all done tomorrow. Then print masters and arrange to get the actual thing printed.

Today, I picked up daedala from her work and cookie dough from her freezer. There'll be making of cookies Wednesday or Thursday. There may even be visiting Canadians involved in the baking.

And all of this means Minicon is nearly here! Much fun dances just over the horizon. I'm looking forward to seeing what Geri does with the new convention hospitality space. The events planned sound like lots of fun. The music space looks promising too so we'll see how that goes. Hmm. I probably should pick out a whiskey for the weekend from my stock. Something full-bodied and smooth. Nice for sipping and sharing. Maybe that Highland Park 25 I've got sitting around.
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