April 2nd, 2003

self portrait

Biopsy day

Got my two tasks for Tuesday done but didn't get any time to print the chapbook masters. Work was busy with one of those jobs that makes me think there should either be a nation-wide licensing program to determine who is allowed to use Microsoft Word or that there should be a culling the herds of moronic users with an annual hunting season.

Got in a bit of sleep before Ericka called to let me know that she was out of her morning doctor appointment and on to the University Breast Center for her biopsy. So I got dressed and headed over for support.

The procedure was quick with a minimum of pain. Afterwards, Ericka was tender but that should subside here as the day progresses. They took tissue samples for pathology to look at and also are going to culture some. We should get results in 48 hours or so. It'll be a nerve-wracking couple of days here.

I told Ericka this morning that she has a Schrodinger's breast; it's definitely something, but we won't know until we have a look. So observation will take it out of its quantum uncertainty state. Until then, we don't know and can hope for the best.
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