March 25th, 2003

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Offically worried

Woke up at 5:00 and Ericka wasn't home. I knew she had a doctor's appointment today. Her PCA was here sometime around 10:00 this morning to take her off. I thought I'd heard them come home sometime in there so initially thought they must have decided it was a nice day and were out gallivanting about, or at the library or went out to eat or something.

No word by 6:00 so I figured I should check in and called E's cell. No answer, left a message.

Tried again at 7:00. Still no answer. Also no call back.

This is likely exactly how Ericka felt when I was out so late the other night. Only I don't have the problems getting around she does. Not fun.

I'm sure she's fine, it's just worrisome not knowing. Particularly since I need to be at work at 9:00 tonight, leaving just a short time to deal with any house stuff between waking and working. A time that is swiftly dwindling.
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The good news

Ericka is back home now. It was indeed a gallivanting that she was off on.

The bad news is that the reason she was off gallivanting was to distract her from the news her doctor gave her. Her right breast has been giving her difficulty since Christmas. For the first time today a doctor mentioned the "C" word and scheduled her for a biopsy. We don't know anything yet and there's still the possibility that it's simply mastitis.

So Ericka's a little freaked. I'm going into work late, if at all and being as comforting as possible. Friendly messages and visits are encouraged at this point.
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Deep breath

OK. Feeling less fragile now. I think I've decided to not go to work, though. Partially to be supportive of Ericka. Partially to give my sore wrist (feeling carpal tunnel-y) a break. I'll have 12-hour days the rest of the week so the financial hit likely won't be too tough.

Ericka's slipping off to sleep and is pretty well convinced that everything will be OK. She rationalizes that if the problem was cancer, the antibiotics would not have been helping. This makes partial sense to me too but I'm the kind of person that doesn't want to get my hopes up to have them dashed later.

So I'll hold my breath a bit, be supportive and hang in there until we get the biopsy.

It's weird having your life on hold this way.
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