March 17th, 2003

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Leftover pancakes

Made pancakes for Ericka's dinner last night. She gets weird cravings sometimes, particularly when she's feeling worse. The good news is that she seems to be improving and likely will have the crud kicked in a couple of days.

I'm still processing my behavior on Saturday night. It is important to me to be reliable, for Ericka to be able to count me. More than that, though, I want my friends to be able to count on me. I want to be someone about which it is assumed that he keeps his word. Honest and loyalty are two of my core values. Each takes work, though and my primary value, joy, sometimes wins out; I pay more attention to what is fun than to what is is that fits with those other values.

That's not where I want my head to be, though. All those things are important and there is no need, as far as I can see, to sacrifice joy for honesty, for example. The goals are not mutually exclusive so there must be a happy medium there.

I am, for example, pleased that I've finished the Minicon chapbook (or at least mostly finished). While work will be crazy-busy for the next two weeks, that is an obligation that I did not procrastinate to the point of having to scramble to finish it at the last minute. I'm pleased with my work and more pleased that I have plenty of time to make adjustments should it be necessary.

How do you, gentle reader, balance the priorities in your life? Where are sacrifices made and where are they not OK to make?
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self portrait

You now what? F*ck.

Today is the day that I have to start 10-hour days at work. I'd successfully segmented that part of my brain off from the part that was planning going to the BiL show at 1st Avenue.

So I could go down to 1st Ave. about 7:00. Leave about 9:00 so I could come home, get Ericka her drugs, let the dog out, etc. Get to work by 10:00. So I'd probably just get to see the first opening act. Probably miss The Tim Malloys even.

And, of course, there wouldn't be any drinking going on, what with all the driving and working after and such. And getting all sweaty from dancing before going into work would make me real popular.

So probably all for the best that I just stay home. Bugger.
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