March 9th, 2003

self portrait

Lovely evening

The party at minnehaha's place last night was right up there. Truly a great gathering. As I commented to K when I arrived, it looked like everybody needed a party that night. The place was packed; there were at least six different conversations happening on the main floor (which made a bit of a hubbub, but it was cool).

Music took a little while to get organized but, once started, was truly excellent. I missed fredcritter, of course, because any music circle just doesn't seem right without a Fred in it. I had not brought by bodhran along, thinking that, having been sick all week that I might not be up to drumming. Then Kurt made the mistake of loaning me his; I'm afraid I hogged it for most of the time he was there the rest of the night. (I did consciously take a few breaks so Kurt could enjoy his own drum, for Christ's sake.)

As people thinned out and the night wore on, I was getting ready to head out early myself, thinking that more sleep and healing were good. But then a veritable host of musicians, including Chas, Lojo, Andy, and Barb, showed up. So I stayed "for a little bit more" and ended up hanging out for three more hours.

I really didn't want to leave. So many great possibilities were still there. But, probably for the best that I got the amount of rest I did. My throat is feeling better this morning (I give credit to the "topical anesthetic" employed last night) and I'm clear-headed and ready to face the world. I think I'll work on getting the last of that chapbook laid out and ready to go.
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