March 8th, 2003

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Clean bill

Well, my sore throat was still hanging on today so, it having been five days and me having missed four days of work this week and having gotten pissed off enough at this irritating thing, I went into urgent care at my clinic.

The snow kept the population down so I was able to be seen quickly by a very nice PA. We went through the various possibilities and she did a quick examination. Her initial thought was that they looked like apthous ulcers but we did a throat culture to be sure. The quick strep test came back negative so we're proceeding on the assumption that it's apthous ulcers. The good news is that they aren't contagious (so I didn't contract them from anyone and can't pass them on, especially not to Ericka). The bad news is that there isn't any "cure" for them. They are treated with topical anesthetic and tend to go away within 14 days.

They don't know what causes them so that's kinda frustrating. The only other treatment is to avoid acidic foods like citrus, chocolate, etc. (So I'll be going to straight water for fluids rather than apple juice.) The feverish bits I've had this week as well, she thought was likely a piggy-back virus. So I continue on, do things to numb the throat (which probably explains why the whiskey I had on Tuesday at the Saw Doctors show seemed to help), and go back in nine days from now if they are still hanging on.
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