March 7th, 2003

self portrait


Well, I've kicked the little bastard around a bit and have won some victories. The war is far from over, however, and I'm thinking already that I'm going to stay home from work tonight to track down the last pockets in the hinterlands of my throat.

The funny thing is having at least two mothers giving me advice and I haven't even called my mom yet. :) Thanks, friends, it's nice to be mothered when sick.

A good sign is having an appetite. Means to me that my body needs ammunition to fight these buggers off so I'm going to load up on zinc, C, garlic and honey. Give the immune system the heavy guns. Pushing fluids big-time as well, to keep the casualties of the battle from clogging the avenues of fighting. Once more into the breach!
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    God Loves Me--Rory McLeod--Mouth to Mouth (Disc 2)
self portrait

All shiny

I feel much better after a much-needed shower (a couple of days of fever sweats does not make one good company). And the heat and humidity helped my throat terrifically. I feel almost human again rather than some troglodyte curled up in covers lurking on the couch.

I've decided, however, to forego work again tonight. I still have a nagging swelling in my throat and have been feverish off an on today. So I figure, since I'm planning to go out tomorrow, that having a day to rest up will be a very good idea. Plus, my sleep schedule has gotten all out of whack from drowsiness associated with the illness.

So it's TiVo'd movies, Farscape and Stargate for me this evening. And could dig out a couple of DVDs if things are doing really well.
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