March 6th, 2003

self portrait

Little bastards

Are still living in my throat. Despite a sweaty couple of nights, I'm still stuck with this darned sore throat. So I'm going to call in sick to work again. I likely could go in and work, but I'd be miserable and ineffective. Better to stay home and get better, particularly since I'll have to be working extra hours the rest of the month as work moves into its busy period.

At least I've got some amusing films in store on the TiVo and email to read and LJ to read and comment on. If I seem bewildering in comments, I claim feverish delirium.

And I'll be able to get some of the chapbook laid out as well. That doesn't tax me too much, though there'll be some math which may need a cookie or three to build me up for.

Got in good sleep with the dogs of friends again today. Had two dogs and a cat sleeping with me at one point. Very healing. Ericka keeps offering helpful suggestions in case my mind's wandered so that's good.

I am generally healthy and when I get a cold or such it's usually over in 24 hours or so. This is particularly nagging, therefore. I'm getting ticked enough to go looking for a sauna before long. I'll get these little bastards yet.
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