March 4th, 2003

self portrait

Illness update

Saw the start of four episodes of Stargate SG-1 and the end of three. (Got the end of the last one later, when I woke up.) Caught the Daily Show. Halfway through an old episode of Lexx.

Throat no longer feels as swollen but has a bit of post-nasal drippy soreness. Switching from juice to tea.

Dozed on the couch off and on all night. Cat napped on me for a big chunk of that. The combo of warm clothes, polar fleece blanky and a toasty cat helped burn through fever bits but didn't quite break it.

Much rest today on the schedule. Also some food. And that tea.
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    I Hate/I Love--Toshi Reagon--TOSHI
self portrait

Much better

A day of sloth and fluids has done good for me. Still a bit of nagging soreness in the throat but I feel much better. Thanks to everyone that wished me well, it can't but have helped.

Looking forward to the Saw Doctors at 1st Ave tonight. I forgot to get tickets early despite a month's lead-time thanks to minnehaha. Ah well, still not too horrid at the door, I hope. I'll have to leave early to get to work but there appears to be quite a contingent of friends headed out.

Needing some food now to build up my strength. I don't suppose one can put garlic in a PB&J, eh?
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