January 10th, 2003

self portrait

Where does the time go? And why does it not stay there?

The front part of this evening went by very quickly.

I got out to my buddy Bob's house for gaming for the first time in months. Got a good whiff of the curried chicken one of the guys is making for our upcoming outing to Bob's cabin and wanted to test out before inflicting it on us. Got in some gaming. Had my daily dose of alcohol in the form of a lovely tawny port.

Work had some busy things going on when I got here so that was nice. Now, we've slowed down a bit, though, and so has the clock. I'm here for another hour and a bit and it's beginning to drag. Did my nightly web surfing so I'm all caught up on current events.

How about those North Koreans, eh? Can't say as I can blame them for doing as they damn well please in light of being lumped into the "Axis of Evil" earlier this year and being antagonized by the current administration at nearly every turn.