December 28th, 2002

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Weekend plans

Tomorrow afternoon is my family's holiday gathering. We're meeting up at my brother's place is Shakopee (have to MapQuest the directions again) and doing the gift opening and dinner. I'm thinking that Ericka and I might skip dinner because a) that'll be quite a lot of time, b) we're sitting for three dogs and four dogs (including ours) can cause a lot of havoc if left to their own devices for long enough and c) I've got other plans for the evening.

So after presents and visiting it's back home, feed the dogs, feed ourselves, feed the cat. Then I'm off to see Todd Menton at Kieran's. Hope to be hooking up with the rest of you gentle readers that have said you were thinking of going. Grab a table up front if you get there first. If anyone needs a ride, give a call and I'll get back to you in the early evening.

Sunday, I've got movies from NetFlix to watch. Ghosts of Mars, largely because I saw Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 earlier this year and I hear this is a futuristic remake. The Princess and the Warrior, because I enjoyed Run, Lola, Run. And Osmosis Jones, which has received good reviews from many and includes some actors I like (Bill Murray, Lawrence Fishburne).
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Bouncy, bouncy

Part of my usual routine over the last few weeks has been to work on my screenplay, listen to music and/or play computer games as I relax to go to sleep. I lay in bed and work on the iBook, waiting to drift off, setting it aside when I get tired enough. Finally, this morning, I flooped over and knocked the iBook off the bed. It landed on the corner where the power supply attaches, bending the connector to the point that it no longer connects.

So I'll have to work in a trip to the Apple store over the next few days. The iBook is still under warranty, I think, and I have the AppleCare contract in any case. I suspect they'll just swap me a new power supply. I just hope I don't have to wait too long and plan to call and see if they have one in stock before heading down.
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Things slowed down a bit at work this evening. While we have a lot of work, most of it is waiting to be proofread and there are enough of us typesetters about that when a file comes out of proofreading, we scarf it up and make corrections pretty quickly.

So I had some time to go back and read my journal entries for 2001. Mostly the mundane bits of day to day experiences. A few mini-essays that I'm pretty proud of. One bit about a dream/story idea that I'd forgotten.

I see from the entries that I was pretty happy for most of 2001. A few bouts of depression but, overall, I was progressing on many levels. Work was one area where progress was very limited. Much complaining about the idiocy of my co-workers, only a little cheering the fun parts of my then-job. Then, of course, getting fired on September 17, a spare week after the tragedy of September 11.
Only one entry after that, I think I fell into depressed haze for the rest of the year.

I miss the good parts of that year. Much of what I did that year I wasn't able to do this year. The things I did in their place didn't have the same rejuvenating effect they had then. I feel worn down and older than at the beginning of year. Yet, I look forward to next year; I have plans in place for some fun things and more are bound to arise.

Here's hoping the wonder of the future measures up.
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It's all over

Idiocy abounds.

The job I just finished finaling (which sounds redundant) was sent in with the instruction "Set new Exhibit 10.9" and 42 pages of hard copy. This instruction means that we needed to type in the content of these pages (rather than copy it from customer-supplied data). The job was broken up into 2-page chunks and farmed out to the people on duty.

After it was all proofread I concatenated the files into one exhibit. As I did so, however, I noticed that there were actually three exhibits in those 42 pages. No problem. Broke the one file into three files and named them appropriate. Go to load them into the delivery system for sending to the customer service rep. Only there's no slot in the delivery system for two of the exhibits. So do these two extra docs, which represent 41 of the 42 pages we just spent all night typing in and proofreading, belong to this job? If so, where to they go? Is there anyone in Chicago (where they were being sent) on Saturday morning?

Also, I discovered upon checking the page numbers of the document that one page had not been sent to us. The client's fax banner showed page "31/44" and "33/44" but our copy (sequentially numbered by the delivery system) didn't have the page corresponding to "32/44" and, indeed, we had page "18 of 31" and "20 of 31" of that exhibit but not the missing one.

So I just spent a chunk of time on the phone with an annoyed customer service guy in Chicago (who was, in fact, in on Saturday morning looking for this job). He sent up the missing page. Yours truly got to type it in and have it quickly proofread. The job gets sent down to Chicago soon, only about 30 minutes late because some idiot on the front end didn't spend 2 minutes prepping the job better.
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Slight change of plans

I didn't get out to my brother's to share holiday cheer with the family today. Instead, I spent the time with Ericka in the hospital.

When she started going to the pool this morning, she had a lot of trouble breathing and what is most likely a blocked duct in her breast was giving her a lot of pain. Her and her driver talked it over and she got a ride to the hospital. The breating difficulty was nothing new, but they decided to admit her for that. So by the time I heard about all this, she was being treated for that, but not for the duct thing that was causing all her pain.

She likely will be there for some time tomorrow but should be home before Monday. The one worrisome detail is that the doctor that examined her this afternoon noticed a heart murmur that wasn't there before. It's likely that her blood pressure is higher because they're pumping her full of fluids and she's been stressed out, but they want to do an echocardiogram to check things out.

I'm still on for Kieran's tonight, but am likely to be a bit tired while there, seeing as I've been up most of the morning and afternoon.