December 13th, 2002

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Beaten down but struggling on

So I got a disconnect notice from the electric company and a default notice from my mortgage company in the mail in the last couple of days. The finances are getting tight and things are falling through the cracks. Don't even ask me about my student loan.

I made the requisite phone calls today and gave them both some of the money they want, which will placate them. The electric company seemed fully mollified and happy to take the remainder of what I owe them by the due date of the current bill early next month. The mortgage people aren't so thrilled, but they also know about the refinancing I'm in the middle of.

Should hear about the refinancing next week. If all goes as planned, that pays off the mortgage, replacing it and the home equity line of credit with a new mortgage. So hopefully the money I put out today will be used to pay the late fees and any extra will go for closing costs or some such.

The nice thing about this is that while I recognize that it's stressing me, I think I'm handling it fairly well. I don't want to curl up in bed and never get out. I still make it to work on time. It's hard to keep going, but I'm doing it.
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self portrait

Makin' the big bucks

I'm working on one of those jobs that justifies all the time that I spend sitting around. For reasons beyond my ken, some folks are sitting in our Palo Alto office, going through a document and sending changes to me. I'm making the changes, having a proofreader look them over and printing them out back in Palo Alto.

It's 2:00 am out in California so it's likely that whomever is making these changes is stressed out. Add in the fact that they're paying through the nose for the time waiting for me to make changes and you have the potential for some unhappy people.

Fortunately, these seem to be minor edits and they're going quickly. First batch in proofreading now and a few more pages dribbling in.
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