December 10th, 2002

self portrait

Wafers with your albatross, sir?

I had a phone conversation with the president of the game company I'm editing the book for today. We came to the decision that it's going to be better for all concerned (though hardly ideal for any) for the twit of an author I've been working with to be turned over to the line editor, along with the work that I've done so far. I'll be compensated for what I've done and the line editor will work to get the book back into the production schedule.

I'm relieved to not have to work on this turkey any longer. I also have a niggling feeling of obligation to finish it. So I offered to help out the line editor however I can. Be that answering questions about why I took one tack or another or even finishing the editing behind the screen of the line editor, I'm game to do what I can.

Still, I feel this gives me some freedom. Working on the screenplay won't have an overtone of guilt. (Should be working on the book, eh?) There's also some gaming ideas I've had for a while that this work has had me putting on a back burner. So maybe I'll get to those as well.

Tomorrow is my audit with the IRS. I'm not at all nervous as I'm certain of the outcome: I'll be paying taxes on my big charitable contribution that wasn't. The payment I made to get Ericka's van last year was supposed to go through a group in order to be tax deductible. The group didn't get it's act together so the contribution turned out to be not deductible. So I'll have some tax to pay and I'm thinking tomorrow will likely be just figuring out how I'll pay what I owe. Hopefully, I won't have to come up with it in one chunk.

Also, I'll need to check in on my house refinancing. Since we haven't close yet, maybe I can add some of this tax liability into the amount financed. Be nice to get some of my credit card debt in there too. Hmm. Another call to make tomorrow. Looks like a day of little sleep coming up for me.
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