November 29th, 2002

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Late night circus

Finished watching a series of Cirque du Soleil shows on Bravo. Fascinating stuff, particularly the documentary about where they came from (basically growing out of street performers in Montreal) and where they are headed. Particularly liked their program to do outreach to current street kids with circus workshops. Showing the kids that, despite their current straits, their human spirit can still be expressed.
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self portrait

My, *this* is slow

There is literally no work to be done. One job is on the schedule, due for Monday, and it is waiting for graphics to be done before we work on it.

So I guess tonight will be LJ commenting, screenplay writing, net surfing, music listening, etc.

I got to sleep late today so I didn't make it out to the Apple Store for their shindig. Napped in the evening rather than getting out. I'll have to watch this pattern as the winter develops; I haven't seen friends since a few social engagements at the end of October. I've not gone to my weekly gaming session in a couple of months now. I'm sleeping during this time that I normally socialize and while I obviously need the sleep, I'm not happy about not seeing my friends.

Well, holiday parties are sure to start springing up here any time now so that'll be one avenue of social outlet. I need to get a routine going again, though, and get out more regularly.
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