October 30th, 2002

self portrait


When I awoke this morning, I found email from the hiring manager from the interview last week. She responded to my thank-you email. That I didn't expect and find unusual.

I puttered about the house a bit, took a shower and prepared to head out for the evening. I had to go see The Tim Malloys in order to pick up tickets to the CD release party they are having on Sunday, November 3 at 1st Avenue. My buddy Dave, who is their "road manager" and all-around good guy comped me for a couple and I picked up a few for friends.

As long as I was there, I stayed around for their first set before heading to work. Part-way through, the first surprise came in the form of my buddy Bob showing up. Dave mentioned he might make it, but it was later and we'd kinda written him off. Always good to see Bob as he has a way of letting you know he's glad to see you. Even if he's giving you a hard time, he's got a chuckle and a twinkle in his eye that lets you know you're important to him. And the big hug doesn't hurt none either.

Was also surprising to see another friend, Roadkill, at the show. He lives a few blocks away so you'd think he'd be a more common site. (Though, as you might expect from his nickname, there's nothing common about seeing Roadkill.)

Musically, Peter Yeates was coaxed on to stage for a couple of songs in the first set. Very cool to see how much he differs in style from the boys but that they can still fit in with him. Great musicians doing what they love are a joy to watch, particularly when they improvise.
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