October 26th, 2002

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A gray day

I woke up fairly early today, then got sleepy and went back to bed. The overcast and the interview yesterday sapped my strength.

When I awoke again, I heard kind overheard Ericka talking to her helper about Paul Wellstone. They were speculating on who would replace him on the ballot and Ericka surmised that he might end up winning the election anyway and that "Wellstone dead would be better than Coleman alive." This jerked me awake. My first thought was, "Was Wellstone assassinated?"

I jumped online and found out about the plane crash. A sad event and a shock to Minnesota politics. I'm conspiracy-theory sensitive enough to have not ruled out assassination, but accident is likely. It was drizzly here today and I could see freezing rain doing a number on a small plane in the north woods.

I'm not as emotionally impacted as many, but I've been galvanized by Wellstone's death. I've thought for a while that I'd be a great representative in government, though I also think I'd never get elected. So I'm going to make my political activism a memorial to Paul Wellstone.

When his successor is named, I'll volunteer to help the campaign. I'll vote on November 5 and encourage others to do so as well. I'll attend my precinct's next caucus.

Working for a brighter future is all we have left.
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