October 23rd, 2002

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Quick evening

Came in early to be ready for the tests of our HTML-producing system for our operations center in New York. They're basically testing transit times and communications channels in preparation for the upcoming peak. This will be the first time they won't have people her in St. Paul for a peak and so we want to be extra sure that everything's in working order for them.

Caught a couple of snafus: When a proof was rejected, the customer service person sent the edits the full client markup as well as the pages on which errors were made, rather than just the latter. The result was that I wasted about 15 minutes looking through the client markup (as it was first on the stack of paper) and verifying that edits were made (catching the occasional typo) before I found the few mistakes (some of which I had already corrected). Another was that the NY customer service rep sent things to the NY data center, rather than the St. Paul one. Thus, pages sat for a couple of hours waiting for me to do something with them when I had no pages to work with.

I think it'll be fun working with this project come peak. It'll give me a focus of what to do each day and when I run out of things to do, I'll have a self-directed path for finding more work (instead of wandering around asking other people what I can help with).

Looking forward to Ctein visiting. He and I haven't had the chance to hang out on his last few visits due to my schedule. I'll have to find some fun things to do with him while he's here. Maybe we can cruise down to the Apple store and neep at Mac things. Ooooh. Or pick up CivIII and play a multi-player game on an IR network using our laptops. That'd be suitably geeky.

Coming in early means I'll be going home early. Only an hour and a half left for me at work. Whee!
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