October 15th, 2002

self portrait

Without baseball, what shall I write?

So many recent postings, and so much of my recent life hs been centered around baseball that I'm kind of at a loss. I'm supposed to be going to a baseball game tomorrow, but, of course, that won't be happening. Well, I'll have to get on the horn and see about getting refunds/credit for the unused tickets.

With the lull in activity, I'll have time to get to some other projects. Did a first pass through the next chapter of the ms. I'm editing. Good thing I cut large chunks out of the rest of the book, this part is nearly nude. Skimmed through parts of the original manuscript to see if there were chunks I'd meant to toss in here to organize later and didn't get to. Nope. Just not much to go on at all. I'll make another pass tomorrow and then I'll send it off to the author with big, leading questions for the holes and see if he can write up any Mack trucks to fill them.

I've got party on Saturday; a friend's bachelor shindig. There's shootin' and poker in the offing; have to see how much of it I'm up for. The following weekend is another party at friends' abode; a pre-Halloween, pre-wedding kinda thing. It'll be weird, but it'll be fun.

Toss in helping envoy rid himself of the excess cider from his party on Saturday (which I missed due to baseball and minnehaha's party), an outing to O'Donovan's to see the boys on Friday and the fact that I should really get over to the Rec to see the boys (no, not those boys, the other ones) next Tuesday and my Autumn social calendar is getting pretty darn full.

Sometime in here I need to get on my finances as well. I'm behind on some bills and I think I have the money to pay them all off. I want, however, to sit down with Ericka and do a full budget; how much is coming in and how much is going out. What needs to go out for things like the mortgage, food, vehicles and how much we want to have for fun things like books, DVDs, eating out. Then a saving plan on that. I've got no excuse for not setting up an IRA on top of my 401(k); something I've been wanting to do for years now but never got around to. I'd like to set aside money for travel and for poker; two things I enjoy when I can afford to do them. Without a plan, however, special things end up being debt. I'd rather have savings to spend from than debt to pay down.

And there's the basement project. Have visitors coming in for World Fantasy at the end of the month, so having some semblance of a guest room will be necessary. Hope to do more down there so I can have it as personal space sooner than later.
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