October 12th, 2002

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Exciting baseball

Was fun watching the third game of the ALCS, even if the Twins ended up losing to Anaheim, 2-1. Both Angels runs were on solo homers, kind of indicative of their club or at least of their late season burst. The Twins failed to capitalize on two errors by the Angels but looked very good in the field themselves. I was glad to see Dustan Mohr get the start in right field and he showed off his hustle with great plays in the field and some decent hitting.

Brad Radke on the mound tomorrow. That'll be good for the Twins so I'm optimistic. Joe Mays would be scheduled for game 5 and that's just fine for us as well.

I had hoped that the Twins could win game two at home and at least one in Anaheim. After game one, it felt like they'd win in five. Now I think they'll need all seven games and likely will have to win both of the last two at home (taking only one of three in Anaheim).

It'll be interesting to see how the club survives the off season depending on their degree of success in the post-season this year. The players must obviously be worth more money now that they're successful so it'll be interesting to see how many the Twins will sign for next season. With a good crop of young pitchers and position players coming out of AAA, I think the organization will be in a good place, no matter what happens. If marquee players get traded to bigger markets, the newer guys will step in nicely.

All in all, makes for an interesting October.
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