October 9th, 2002

self portrait

Game 1

A good game for the ALCS opener, Angels vs. Twins. Apart from a single Twins error (which surprised me as the play seemed routine), both teams played well in the field. The Twins put together 5 hits to score two runs and that single error allowed Anaheim to score one on four hits. So a 2-1 finish and an exciting game. I looked for laurel, who I thought was supposed to be in the next section over, but didn't see her. With 55,562 in the dome, it's not too surprising I missed her.

Tomorrow, I take my buddy Bob to game 2. I'll have to see if he can get down there earlier than I did tonight. It was nuts coming in just before the game started today. Concessions were crowded so we waited for dogs and soda to show up via vendor. They did, but not until about half-way through the game. Of course, the three beer vendors that were working our area of the dome had already been through at least twice each by then; not even good beer, sheesh.
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